About Us

My name is Erika Häkkinen and I live in Lahti, at the Souhtern Finland. My family is me and dogs. 

I have almost always had dogs, first one was mix breed spitz, half Finnish spitz and half keeshond. My first pure bred dog in my teenage was rottweiler. After that my childhood home had leonbergers. When I moved away and thought what breed would be mine I came a cross akitas an old dogbook. Had to find out more about this breed and I feld in love!:-)


I bought my first one from Sweden 1998, it was American type, male Okami's Fabulously Faithful a.k.a Kuma. My second one came from U.K. bitch Overhills Tax Exile a.k.a Keiko who was that kind a dog which you can own just once in the lifetime, still miss her and big thanks to Meg Purnell-Carpenter for having her. I have also had 2 corgis, pembrokes. First one came to me in 2001 from my friend Jari Partanen Wanted kennel,  Wanted Annie Oakley a.k.a Helga and when she got puppies I left one for home Great Flame's Wanna Be Wanted a.k.a Iiris. Next American akita came also from Meg, Overhills Sporty Spice a.k.a Spice who was a lovely brindle bitch and lived her hole life with me. Spice's daughter, Great Flame's Fear This Beauty a.k.a Silver, lived with Katri Laitila kennel Midian's. My import, bitch  MTJoy's Tequila Sunrise a.k.a Tequila, lives and co-owns Katri. We kept Silver's son, Great Flame's No One Like You a.k.a Bentley and he lives with his third owner Riina Haapakallio, kennel Jikino Kensha, near by me. Unfortenately we lost one of our import, Something nice of Wolf Point too early. I also have japanese akitas, K'Great Flame of Wolf Point who lives and co-owns Riina & Juho Haapakallio, kennel Jikino Kensha. Beginning of 2016 we imported an adult american akita male, Torazo St. Monicas Sherlock Holmes a.k.a Sherlock, he lives and co-owns also Katri. End of last year, 2016, I imported my lovely dark female again from kennel Wolf Point, Flaming Star Of Wolf Point a.k.a Jana, thank you Gusti for this lovely girl :-) Jana lives and co-owns my friends Timo Hirvenoja & Emmi Lipsanen, kennel Tsukikaze. My latest american akita addition is Silver's & Sherlock's daughter, Great Flame's Shape Of Perfection a.k.a Doris :-) who lives and co-owns Jenni Holopainen, kennel Icy Star's & Jarmo Leppänen. My newest japanese akita addition is Fireball Of Wolf Point who lives with me and co-owns Riina & Juho. She is so goofy, funny and sweetiest girl as pup can be :-)

I'm impassioned with these two magnificent breeds, just love them :-). I'm also one of Finnish American Akita club founder member. I also graduate as an judge, passed exam for American akitas on May 2014 and for Japanese akitas same year in September. I got an honor to became first breeder judge for American akitas in Finland.